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Scheduling a surgical consultation with Galindo Veterinary Surgery and Orthopaedics is the first step in making an assessment as to whether your pet is a good surgical candidate. When you arrive, a technician will obtain a brief history about your pet and the issue that brought you in for a consult that day. Dr. Galindo will review your pet’s medical history including the results of previous diagnostics. Next, an exam will be done to determine what problems, if any, may need surgical correction.

Dr. Galindo will then discuss treatment options with you and make a recommendation tailored to the needs of your pet. This conversation generally will outline the procedure, surgical benefits, surgical risks, and any post-operative care guidelines, if applicable. Your pet’s quality of life is our priority, so a discussion regarding your pet’s pain management and discomfort will also be addressed.

If the doctor believes surgery is the best treatment option, an appointment for surgery can be scheduled or your pet may be admitted for surgery that day. After surgery and discharge, the doctor will see your pet at recheck exams to answer any follow up questions and to make sure your pet is healing well. The staff at GVSO is dedicated to answering any questions or concerns during your consultation.