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The staff at GVSO is here to make your experience as relaxing and as comfortable for you and the patient. Our staff can explain and answer any questions and/or concerns that you may have about the surgical procedure(s). Dr Galindo performs a wide range of surgical procedures including but not limited to soft tissue, orthopedic, and neurological surgeries, he has learned from mentors all over the country and has been performing these surgeries for many years. Dr. Galindo's experience over the years has helped him refine his techniques to perform these procedures on our patients, he continues to learn new techniques and surgical procedures. Dr. Galindo and his staff continue there education to learn new and advance skills making sure that our patients have the best surgical experience.

Our nurses have the experience to give the patient the utmost quality of care before, during and throughout surgery procedures.Our staff has the skills to perform surgeries with patients that are in great health all the way to the patients that have health issues. Patients are overseen prior, during, and throughout recovery by our staff. Our staff will take presurgical vital signs to make sure they are within normal limits before the patients are placed under anesthesia. When undergoing anesthesia, patients are monitored with pulse oximetry, echocardiography, capnography, blood pressure, and temperature during surgical preparation and the procedure, we make sure they are at a good level of anesthesia and at optimum health. Upon and throughout recovery, please refer to the recovery link to understand recovery.